Family tree for Karl Gunnar Öhrn

These pages contains information, updated Nov 6, 2023, about all our ancestors born 100 years ago or earlier, relatives deceased 10 years ago or earlier
and relatives that have granted me permission to publish the information about them, a total of 12.167 persons. On the restriced web there are 19.721 persons.
If You want to grant me permission, or revoke a permission, to publish information about yourself just send me a mail.

For many of the places,i.e farms and crofts, I miss the exact location. The position setforthese places are the "parent" place, for example parish. Ifyou have more correctinformation I would be greatfull if you let me know.

I'm working on translating the information to English, so far just parts of it are done . This means that there is a mixture between Swedish and English in the text. Hopefully You can understand much enough this way, if not just let me know and I'll try to translate for you.

Sweden is divided into 24 "Landskap", for example Västergötland, click here for a map.

Stockholm used to be divided into "Rote", click here for a map.

There are 5 different connections/relations between my parents, look here to see them all.

I intentionally left out all sources in these pages. If you want more information about the family I'll be glad to send it to you, with sources included.