This page contains some tips, links and files for downloading.

In DISGEN 8.2 there is a new, not yet documented function, [DGText(xxx)], where xxx is the name of a variable in your own language file, for example [DGText(p_sources)]. It is, from version 8.2, possible to create your own language files. In your data directory you create a new directory called Language, where you place your language files, named User.l1 for Swedish, user.l2 for English and so on. All variable names shall start with u_, to avaoid conflict with Disgens own variables. These variables are called from the HTML templates with the [DGUserText(u_xxx)] function, where u_xxx is the name of your variable. You can download my Swedish and/or English language file to use as a template.

Useful information about DISGEN can be found on DISGEN's own home page and on:

DIS Forum, a forum for DIS, DISGEN and genealogy. DIS Wiki

DIS SYD, under "Hjälp till medlemmar" - "Tips" (in Swedish) Functions for checking of sources and dates, new icons for DISGEN and tips and ticks.