Pedigree chart August Mars


Born Mar 28, 1843 in Lena (P).
August Mars
Born Mar 28, 1843 in Lena (P).

F Carl Johan Mars. tavla1.png
Born Dec 17, 1813 in Stommen, Lena (P).
Died Mar 11, 1896 in Lena (P).

FF Arvid Mars. tavla1.png
Born Nov 11, 1785 in Slättås, Lena (P).
Died Feb 10, 1841 in Lena (P).

FFF Carl Andersson. tavla1.png
Born Dec 4, 1741 in Sågaregården Vänga, Långared (P).
Died Sep 16, 1813 in Slättås, Lena (P).

FFM Elin Andersdotter. tavla1.png
Born Mar 3, 1741 in Västra Mölnemad, Långared (P).
Died May 1, 1806 in Slättås, Lena (P).

FM Anna Eriksdotter. tavla1.png
Born Jun 9, 1792 in Östad Västergård, Lena (P).
Died Feb 11, 1841 in Lena (P).

FMF Lars Eric Persson. tavla1.png
Born 1744 in Östad Västergård, Lena (P).

FMM Kerstin Olofsdotter. tavla1.png
Born Jan 1, 1755 in Torpet, Lena (P).

M Britta Stina Björkman. tavla1.png
Born Feb 9, 1818 in Göteborg.
Died Oct 7, 1870 in Lena (P).



Born Mar 28, 1843 in Lena (P).
Moved Nov 6, 1868 from Lena (P) to Bälinge (P).
Moved 1869 from Bälinge (P) to Lena (P).
Moved Oct 12, 1894 from Lena (P) to Alingsås Stadsförsamling (P).
Moved 1899 from Alingsås (P) to Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA.
Arrived to Ellis Island on sept 18 1899 onboard S.S. St. Paul that depatured fron Southhampton, England on aug 26 1899. Final destination is Boston, Mass.

Relationships and children

Married Nov 18, 1865 in Hol (P).
Anna Christina Andersdotter. Born Nov 9, 1840 in Hol (P).
Augusta Mars. rightarrow.png Born Nov 27, 1865 in Lena (P).
Emma Mars. Born Jan 30, 1868 in Lena (P).
Anna Mars. Born Jul 7, 1870 in Lena (P).
Died May 3, 1875 in Lena (P).
Arvid Mars. Born Nov 19, 1872 in Lena (P).
Aron Mars. Born Jun 15, 1875 in Lena (P).
Herman Mars. Born Nov 11, 1877 in Lena (P).
Died Apr 20, 1878 in Lena (P).
Gustaf Mars. Born Feb 20, 1879 in Lena (P).
Tekla Gottfrida Mars. Born Sep 29, 1881 in Lena (P).

Life track

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