Pedigree chart Henrik* Natanael Vilhelmsson


Born Jan 19, 1891 in Anderstorp, Härlunda (R).
Died Apr 11, 1970 in Cook, Illinois, USA.
Henrik* Natanael Vilhelmsson
Born Jan 19, 1891 in Anderstorp, Härlunda (R).
Died Apr 11, 1970 in Cook, Illinois, USA.
F Vilhelm Johansson. tavla1.png
Born Jan 29, 1859 in Krogstorp, Istrum (R).
Died Aug 10, 1938 in Härlunda (R).

FF Johannes Magnusson. tavla1.png
Born Jul 13, 1821 in Planterhagen, Lommagården, Hangelösa (R).
Died Aug 30, 1902 in Anderstorp, Härlunda (R).

FFF Magnus Svensson. tavla1.png
Born Jan 5, 1760 in Hangelösa (R).
Died Apr 11, 1837 in Lommagården, Hangelösa (R).

FFM Stina Jonsdotter Frisk. tavla1.png
Born Aug 11, 1791 in Aspelund, Fullösa (R).
Died Sep 15, 1856 in Hangelösa (R).

FM Maria Carlsdotter. tavla1.png
Born Jun 21, 1828 in Skånings-Åsaka (R).
Died May 16, 1884 in Anderstorp, Härlunda (R).

FMF Carl Olofsson. tavla1.png
Born Nov 8, 1782 in Husaby (R).
Died Jun 5, 1860 in Skånings-Åsaka (R).

FMM Annika Nilsdotter. tavla1.png
Born Apr 6, 1788 in Smedsgården, Överbo, Varnhem (R).
Died Jun 25, 1869 in Gömta, Mundstorp, Skånings-Åsaka (R).

M Lotta Danielsdotter. tavla1.png
Born Sep 6, 1861 in Sarängen, Marum (R).
Died Mar 3, 1938 in Anderstorp, Härlunda (R).

MF Daniel Andersson. tavla1.png
Born Oct 6, 1819 in Lommagården, Norra Härene (R).
Died Dec 25, 1899 in Fattigstugan, Marum (R).

MFF Anders Jansson. tavla1.png
Born Oct 30, 1768 in Håkanstorp, Sävare (R).
Died Oct 18, 1822 in Norra Härene (R).

MFM Ingegärd Danielsdotter. tavla1.png
Born Aug 28, 1792 in Arvidsgården, Norra Härene (R).
Died May 31, 1870 in Bränningemad, Marum (R).

MM Lovisa Jonsdotter. tavla1.png
Born Torpet Furudden under Ramsberg, Jul 24, 1834 in Fivlered (R).
Died Sep 9, 1899 in Fattigstugan, Marum (R).

MMF Jonas Abrahamsson. tavla1.png
Born Nov 12, 1792 in Högelycke, Bottnaryd (F).
Died Mar 1, 1835 in Fivlered (R).

MMM Elin Bengtsdotter. tavla1.png
Born Aug 2, 1789 in Knottås, Sandhem (R).
Died Feb 8, 1843 in Fivlered (R).


Born Jan 19, 1891 in Anderstorp, Härlunda (R).
Baptized Jan 25, 1891 in Härlunda (R).
Moved Mar 15, 1907 from Härlunda (R) to USA.
Lived at Björkåsen.Arrived to Ellis Island on April 5 1907 onboard S/S Baltic that sailed from Liverpool, England, UK, March 27, 1907Henrys trip was payed by his brother Karl, that lived in Odebolt Iowa.Henry was blond with blue eyes 5 feet 3½ inch tall.
the_baltic.jpg Built by Harlan & Wolff Limited, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 1904. 23,884 gross tons; 726 (bp) feet long; 75 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw. Service speed 16 knots. 2,875 passengers (425 first class, 450 second class, 2,000 third class).Two funnels, four masts. Built for White Star and Dominion Lines, in 1904 and named Baltic. Liverpool-New York service. Largest ship afloat, 1904-05. Troopship during World War I. Scrapped at Osaka, Japan in 1933.
Changed name to Henry* Natanael Wilson
henry_wilson.jpg Henry second from the left
danielsson_alfred,_emil_o_wilson_henry.jpg Edwin Johan Danielson, Henry Nataniel Wilson and Oskar Alfred Danielson
wilson,_henry_-_registration_card.jpg WW1 registration card
Henry was a laborer for a building company. Worked with concrete alot. Worked for the same company a very long time. They lived in a little ranch house in Chicago on Mohawk Avenue. The house is no longer there, replaced by condos.
Lived 1940 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.
Address 60614 Chicago, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.
Social security no: 321-01-9101
Died Apr 11, 1970 in Cook, Illinois, USA.
Chicago Tribune (IL) 1970-04-13 Henry N. Wilson, April 11, 1970, beloved husband of Hilma; also survived by one brother and one sister in Sweden; uncle of Ida Carroll and Harold Gladen Jr. Funeral Tuesday, 1 p.m., at Nelson Funeral Chapel, 5149-51 N. Ashland avenue, at Foster. Interment Rosehill. Visitation after 4 p.m. Monday. LO 1-5147.
Buried Apr 14, 1970 in Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.

Relationships and children

Married Edgewater Covenant Church Apr 18, 1935 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.
Hilma M Lindquist. uparrow.png Born about 1902 in Finland.
Died Mar 14, 1973 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA.

Life track

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