My genealogy web is divided into two parts.

The first one is the public part that contains information about our relatives born before May 27,1921,
all relatives decised before May 26, 2011 and information about those who has given me their approval to publish the information about them.

If You want to grant me permission, or to revoke a permission, to publish information about You please send me an email.

The second part contains information about all the relatives in my family tree, both living and decised.
To have access to this information You need a private username and password, to get that please contact me by email.

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I gratefully accept any comments on these pages.
If You want more information, or have information to share with me, please contact me by email

I would also like to thank all of You that have chared Your data with me,
without Your help these pages wouldn't have been as comprahensive as they are.

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I'm born and raised in Skara, as many of my ancestors.
Here are some historical information, photos and links about Skara and Västergötland (I'm sorry most of it in Swedish).

One branch in my family tree moved to America. Some of the relatives live in Kiron,
take a look at their home town web site witch includes some genealogical information.

Links to my relatives home pages